Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hanging in.

This month is crazy busy. I'll be back with a full dose of wit in time for February, I promise.

In the mean time, please be appropriately distracted by pictures of my awesome kid.

ah, they grow up so fast.

visiting mommy at work!

that's my girl!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

For the love of the shoe.

I love shoes. Always have, {expectedly} always will. I used to be in love with all kinds of high heels, and while I still am in theory, a toe surgery and the pregnancy that produced that adorable kiddo on the sidebar had other ideas. Side note to pre-kid readers: pregnancy CAN actually change the size/shape of your feet. This was a harsh realization for me that I hope doesn't happen to you when (and if) you ever jump on the mommy train.

Back to the subject of the box of gorgeous high heels sitting in a cardboard box on my dryer waiting to be consigned to a loving home - oh, wait, that wasn't the subject at all, was it?

Alas, my feet are now adorned 24/7 in one of 3 things (ok, almost 24/7, because, really, who can keep a pair of socks on their feet all night without kicking them off somewhere never to be found in the sheet?):

1. The most comfy of all slippers, the slipper boot. I myself own two fabulous pairs.

2. The flip flop. This does not help me in these terrible harsh winter months.

3. The ballet flat. Ah, how I adore thee.

I don't know what I love most about my ballet flats. Maybe its how comfy they are, or the way they can make my outfit appear semi-put together without much hassle, or how I can buy them on sale in crazy patterns for a fun and frugal addition to my wardrobe (hello, leopard flats from Old Navy that go with just about every black & brown item in my closet). So tonight I searched a couple of pairs that I love and, since I want to push my shopping addiction habit on as many people as humanly possible, here they are:

TOMS shoes

Dying for a pair of these!
TOMS shoes

Marc by Marc Jacobs flat

Not sure where I would ever wear them, but how awesome are these?
Marc by Marc Jacobs flat

LOFT flat

Flannel, plus leather? How can you not love these?
LOFT flat

Friday, January 6, 2012

Finding solace in the snuggles.

Andrew and I take turns putting Delaney to bed. After putting on jammies, brushing teeth, singing silly songs, giggling, and prayers (with the most adorable exclamation of AMEN! You've ever heard) we give kisses and say our "loo you"s. For those reading who don't speak Delaney, that translates into I love you.

Sometimes, I use my alone time to do chores. I clean up the kitchen, work on laundry, or catch up on work. Sometimes, I sit on the couch and veg (read: catch up on Facebook and watch reality tv.)

Tonight, I put my darling little girl to bed. This is what can only be considered the middle (yes, I know it's Friday) of what can only be considered a frantic, hectic workweek. I have been going one hundred miles an hour all week long. In fact, in Life Group last night I mentioned the search for quiet in the midst of a wonderfully chaotic life. That quiet came with snuggles and drooled milk in a rocking chair with the center of my world.

Thank you Lord, for the chaos, for my daughter, and for always providing when my soul needs the quiet.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Kris Jenner...and all things Kardashian.

I just finished the first book of 2012. At least one of my resolutions is on its way to coming true!

My mom saw this book and picked it up for me for Christmas, knowing I like the Kardashians and their various reality shows. The book is written by Kris Jennner, also known as the Kardashian mom. I like Kris, so I was interested to read the book.

While my world didn't change as I turned the pages, it turns out Kris has had a pretty interesting life. From her marriage to Robert Kardashian, her friendship with Nicole Brown Simpson, to her life on tv now, she has made a lot of good decisions, a lot of mistakes, and has a lot of interesting stories to tell.

A lot of the book revolved around her relationship with O.J. Simpson and Nicole, from their first meeting through Nicole's murder and O.J.'s trial. Having watched a lot of the trial on TV when it was going on, I liked reading about the situation from "the inside."

If you aren't a Kardashian fan, you can probably skip this book. Kris lives big, and puts her whole life out there, just like she does on her shows. I definitely think she's a good businesswoman, and I enjoyed reading about her love for her kids and how she has worked to raise them.

Since the book was somewhat fluff, I feel like I can't give it the super-duper highest book club rating, but considering I got through the whole thing in 3 days, I will give brownie points for not being able to put it down. Overall, I'd give the book an A-.

I've gotten a few more books on my list and am excited to get another one started. But not until I watch tonight's new Grey's, of course. It's all about priorities, people.