Sunday, February 21, 2010

This One's Dedicated to the One I Love.

Its a little late, I know, but since I haven't had a chance to recap our Valentine's Day festivities, I thought I would brag a little on my amazing hubby and how ridiculously good he treats me. I'm one lucky girl!

Last weekend, we celebrated our Valentine's on Saturday, and my birthday on Sunday (we have to have some separation here - you holiday babies know what I mean!) So Saturday, I got treated to flowers (yay!), the movie Valentine's Day, and a delicious dinner cooked by my hubby. Like I told him, one of the greatest parts of being married is you don't have to "watch" what you are eating out at fancy meals and try not looking like a pig - turns out, this is even more true when you are pregnant!!

We feasted on a pasta dish that Andrew concocted {channeling his inner Iron Chef}, some scallops, ribeye, and, of course, birthday cake for the birthday girl. This is one birthday girl that loves birthday cake!

25th Whismical Birthday Cake

He also gave me a beautiful card and Valentine's gift (the nice sentimental stuff) - and for my birthday, a gift certificate to get my windows tinted so Baby Klahn doesn't have to squint!

Sunday, we topped off the weekend with a trip to Dave & Buster's and a dinner at Wasabi in MJ - if you haven't been there, stop reading this and GO.NOW. It is fabulous!

The birthday festivities were concluded last night with a wonderful dinner with my family and best buds at J. Alexander's on West End. That place was incredible! Everything we ate was amazing.

25 isn't the most remarkable age, but my 25th year is going pretty fabulously so far. Not to mention all of the excitement we still have to look forward to this year!! I really enjoyed spending time with my hubby, our animals, and the rest of my crew for this last childless birthday - but I am looking forward to sharing the next one with our bundle of joy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

must love dogs.

My dogs are my babies. We have the cats too, but they just don't steal your heart the same way the dogs do. At least for me. {Callaway comes close though! Maybe its because he mostly loves to cuddle with his Daddy.} Although surely they've noticed me hauling things in and out of the baby's new room, I think they've noticed a few other changes too. {Hello, Mommy's belly!}

It really amazes me how observant they are! As if they weren't the great protectors before {although I think any perpetrators would likely be licked to death}, they have really gone above and beyond. One is almost always on my lap, by my side, or at my feet. And that is when they aren't both surrounding me with protection!

They love to rest their heads on my belly - maybe they are trying to do some early bonding with their new BFF?