Friday, February 4, 2011

How to be an Awesome Wife.

Subtitle: If You are Married to a Certain Tech-Junkie Hubs Who Shall Remain Nameless.
An early birthday gift, of course!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bath Time.

Bath time is a fun time at our house. We do it as part of Delaney's bedtime routine, every other night. It used to go by pretty quickly, but now she loves to sit and splash around in the water, playing with her rubber ducky and a few other bath toys we have. Daddy and Delaney have some great bonding time talks, while I usually sing silly songs and splash around when I am on bath duty. Either way, Delaney gets some special alone time with us, and gets to play and laugh as well.

I have a really cute bath video, but after much trial and error, I have decided that my video camera is way smarter than me. I can get the videos on to the computer fine, just can't figure out how to get them posted on the blog. Dang technology!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Six Months.

August 2010

February 2011

Happy Six-Month Birthday Delaney Kate!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pearly whites.

This month, Delaney's first two teeth came onto the scene. We were pleasantly surprised with the whole teething process, although it came with what has got to equal about two million gallons of drool starting when Delaney was about two months old. With only a little drama, two sweet little baby teeth are here at five and a half months old. Delaney would fuss and scream a little, but we had several remedies to help ease her pain. As of yet, we haven't used Orajel, Tylenol, or any other medications due to teething, per our doc's instructions. When molars come in, I'm sure that will be a different story!

I'll share some of the things that soothed Delaney, in case any other little teethers might like these things as well!
  • Teething rings chilled in the fridge (original, I know)
  • Paci's chilled in the fridge (we used the silicone gumdrop ones, but any would do)
  • Frozen banana chunks in the Munckin fresh feeder (yum!)
  • Chomping on her own hand (this is one of her favorites)

Overall, Delaney has had an easy time, with only one nighttime wakeup during this phase of teething. Who knows what is to come, but so far, Delaney popped these two teeth, and is working on another lower now.

Now for the evidence: