Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend fun.

After about a month's work of weekends of busy days, crowded schedules, and a lot of hard work on projects, this weekend was all about kicking back and getting some R&R. Friday night we kicked off the weekend with an early Cinco de Mayo dinner with some dear friends (sorry, no pictures, I forgot to document!) with some margaritas, yummy meal, and a homemade Mexican chocolate ice cream that was amazing - honestly, we were still talking about it the next day!

Saturday, after some morning errands, we celebrated (again!) at our favorite spot, El Rey. After that it was family nap time, followed by some play time for Delaney and a hibachi dinner at Kobe's to celebrate my sis-in-law's graduation (yay Mimi!) We had fun visiting, eating, and watching the show - although Delaney wasn't too sure about the onion volcano or anything involving bursts of fire - but she loved the food!

Being silly with Pop at El Rey - she can say "Hola!" and "Gracias!"
Working out the chopsticks at Kobe's

Sunday, we ended our weekend worshipping at church, with lunch afterwards and a meeting to follow for me. We spent the afternoon doing our laundry and grocery shopping (not fun, but it makes for a much happier week when there are clean clothes and food in the house, I've found), and finally some pool time and a yummy meal with Grannie & Pop.

 This girl loves her kiddie pool!
                                                          Sharing her snacks with Daddy
                                             Yummy blueberries, one of D's favorite snacks.
                                                             Me and my girl. Love her!!
All worn out from a day of fun in the sun

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday.

This week, I took a day off to spend with two of my favorite girls - Delaney and my mom (now know as Grannie around these parts). We went to the zoo in the morning with our friends the VanSickles, followed by lunch with daddy, some fun in the kiddie pool at Grannie's house, and an ice cream date! It was a really fun way to spend a Wednesday, and I think we both enjoyed the beautiful day together!!

Here are some pictures from our day:

                                  Delaney checking out the elephants - they came up really close!
                                      Tracey pushing Linley and walking Gavin - wonder woman!!
                                               Delaney and Grannie checking out the zebras
Delaney and mommy checking out her favorite - the mingos!

                                           Yummy lunch at Pie in the Sky near Daddy's office
Fun in the inflatable pool

Afternoon ice cream treat!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fashion plate.

Delaney is becoming a real accessory fiend these days. Although she usually protests getting out of her jammies in the morning (but really, who doesn't, albeit silently), she loves getting to decide what to do with her hair, what shoes to wear, and which pair of sunnies goes with her outfit. Most mornings, as we are climbing the stairs to get dressed, she declares the hairstyle of the day. Mommy is pretty crafty on this and can do a variety: down, pony head (also known as "ponytail" for those who don't speak toddler), pigtails, and bow. She also loves to wear hats, so much so that I had to go on a mission to find some more colors of hats, as one white and one pink/purple was not cutting it with every outfit. Sometimes Delaney throws a real curve ball and decides which bow she wants to wear before the outfit is picked out. That leaves Mommy the task of finding a suitable outfit for said bow. Lucky for this mommy, we have a lot of outfits to choose from.

Not last to mention are the shoes and the sunnies. Delaney loves picking out her shoes (I usually cut it down to two matching choices for her to decide on), and her sunnies (we go wild here and where absolutely any color, matching or not). In my never-tiring quest to create a mini-me, Delaney has sunnies enough for many more pairs of eyes than exist on her beautiful little face. She's got yellow, pink, white with flowers, pink with flowers, purple, and the list goes on. What can I say? If the bows and the sunnies are right, how can your day go wrong?

Here are some recent pictures of my girl sporting some of her favorite things:

                                      These yellow bows are her favorites for pigtail wearing

 Supervising mommy getting ready and going over our to-do list for the day. Check out the awesome colors!

                                                              How cool is this chick?
                           Rockin' the pigtails and yellow bows again at family fro yo night!
Loving this one - she demanded eating in her sunnies for lunch! Guess she didn't want to be bothered by the paparazzi mom...HA!