Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cookin' up a new kitchen.

For a few months, Andrew & I entertained the idea of listing our house and buying a new one. There were a few upgrades we were looking for, but as we scoured the internet search pages, we realized that there really isn't anything that offers the location, layout, and yard that we love in what we have now (at least not in our price range!) That said, we decided to start on some changes to our house to make it a place we love even more! We started with new carpet last year, and a few little decorative projects (like our gallery wall in the living room), but this was our first major DIY room project - our kitchen. We are SO proud of the results and plan to enjoy this room a long time.

Here are the pictures, and a few details of our hard work.

 The only before picture I could find, from our housewarming party in 2008. Aren't we cute?

Flash to 2012 - cue sale of table on CraigsList, losing the curtain, transplating our big letters into our bedroom (because I still love those) and...

Don't you LOVE it?? We do! My amazing hubby installed wainscoting and chairrail, we gave the walls a fresh coat of the same paint, and some fresh trim paint too. Oh, how I adore a freshly painted space!

 New shelves and art on our walls. Shelves from Lowe's, and much of my other decor is repurposed from other areas in the house. It's amazing what you can do with some spraypaint! The milk glass vase on the top shelf is an antique from my mom's family. The Home is wherever I'm with you sign is from Caitcreate on Etsy, German sign (a little nod to the Klahn heritage) means "Life is beautiful" and was purchased from EinBierBitte on Etsy.

 Another look. Hey, it's my blog and I can over-post if I want to!

 A version of kid-friendly artwork that I've seen often on Pinterest. Artwork courtesy of my sweet girl!
 Our table! Ah, our table. I wish I had taken a before of this thing! It was a CraigsList find that had more potential than personality to start. The legs were bright white, top was a light oak (you know the fake looking kind?) and the chairs were a combo of those two shades. Kind of scratched up, beat up, but sturdy and changeable!! We sanded it all down, spray painted the chairs and table legs (Lovely Buff gloss by Valspar - LOVE the Valspar spray paint!) and used Rustoleum dark walnut stain on the top, along with 4 coats of varnish to protect this baby, since it is a dining table after all.
 Finally, my bowl of lemons has a home again! Thanks mom & dad for the pretty mini rose addition!

We are so thrilled with the outcome of the room, and all our hard work was worth it. Major DIY projects are not easy with a toddler in the house, but we were able to complete this one in a Saturday - Saturday start to finish (including one hard-working kid-free day while Delaney hung with Grannie & Pa).

Next project: revamping Delaney's play areas! We are about halfway done with this already, so I'll wait until the work is complete to share that with you!