Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The month of love.

Delaney has been working on naming the months, and since this is February, we've been talking about Valentine's Day as well. I told her this morning that this is "the love month" - a special time where we show others how much we love them. We've got plans for some sweet ideas to show Daddy, friends at school, and other people in our lives how much we love them this month.

Of course, I already have a Valentine's Day goodie bag packed and ready to go for my little love. Yes, I am that mom who gets into Valentine's Day - it's my birthday, and my parents always made it a special day for me, so I like to do the same for Delaney. Her daddy always sends her a special flower just from him. It is a neat tradition he has started for her, and I know she will come to wait with anticipation on that extra special gift from her Daddy each year.

After dropping Delaney at Grandma's, all this love talk had me thinking about the ways I show others that I love them. I am pretty good at dropping notes to friends, and I love brightening a friend's day with something unexpected or just a text to say I am thinking of them. My hubby and I have an "I love you because..." board in our bedroom that I've blogged about before. That's a great place for me to intentionally encourage my husband and affirm my love for him.

As for my daughter, my love comes in many forms. I tell her I love her and shower her with affection many times daily (and I'll keep doing that as long as she'll let me!). I talk to her about being proud of her, and sometimes give her treats - like a scoop of lime sherbet last night for keeping dry panties all day long! For her two-year-old heart, this is an expression of love. I also show my love in patience - when I calmly talk her down from the ledge during a meltdown instead of immediately going for a punishment for wild behavior. I show her love with my attention - putting my phone and iPad down at night and playing princess castle or watching her favorite show together in the mornings, even if it means I won't have time for make-up and have to wear a ponytail that day.

I saw something on Pinterest this week that I really loved. I think we can all relate to it as moms (or any parent!). I strive to have a selfless love towards my daugher every day, because she deserves my best and God's best through me everyday. I hope you enjoy the read here.

In what ways do you show love to your family and friends?